2022: Snapshots of my year (Part4)


Met up with my novel-writing buddies, as I’ve done throughout the year. They’re super-supportive

Drinking a toast to us


Began to learn woodworking skills. A revelation and so enjoyable.



Bookselling with other Marchers Authors at Christmas Fairs

At Llanvihangel Court Christmas Fair

I’m ending the year unagented as yet, but with renewed determination to get my circus novel out into the world next year. And I’ve novella #3 being published in January.

I’m hugely grateful to all the people who’ve supported me in my writerly endeavours over the past year, and in particular:

My novel-writing buddies Jude Higgins, John Wheway and Alison Woodhouse

My fellow Marchers Authors

All in the Afon Llwyd Writers

All my writer friends on Twitter

Sara Cox and all involved in the Cheshire Novel Prize

Isobel Copley for the chance to run a bookshop in France for a week, and Katsy Blamont for doing it with me

And, more than I can say, my dear heart, Oliver, and my dear furry purry boy, Feely.

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