My picks for 2019: 1) TV

My top TV in 2019 (bear in mind there was lots and lots I didn’t see!) is:

  • Fleabag, Season 2  – Phobe Waller-Bridge is unique, Andrew Scott was wonderful as the priest, and everyone else was fab. Great story, even better acting. I loved it.
  • Years and Years – pitch-perfect writing about the (very) near future by Russell T Davies. Very bleak. very important.
  • Seven Worlds, One Planet – extraordinary filming. By turns poignant, awe-inspiring and heart-rending. And with a wonderfully humorous look at the grave-robbing hamsters of Vienna. And the one and only David Attenborough.


Grave-robbing hamsters

The grave-robbing, candlewax snaffling hamsters of Vienna



Coming next: My top musical performances of the year







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