Fictive Dream

Choosing where to submit stories is a tricky business. On the whole I now avoid US-based publications and websites, because I’ve found that most Americans (or at least editors!) don’t seem to ‘get’ my writing. It’s good to see more and UK-based websites (as well as others around the world) publishing short stories and flash fiction and one of my favourites is Fictive Dream.

Fictive Dream header

The Editor, Laura Black, is one of the best I have come across, professional, generous and supportive.

I feel privileged to have my work included on the site – you can read two of my stories there, Tracks and Mrs Myfanwy Pritchard.

I’m also delighted that Laura has accepted a story from me for Fictive Dream’s Flash Fiction February 2018, which will feature a new piece of flash fiction every day of that month. You can submit until the end of December – see the link above.






2 Replies to “Fictive Dream”

  1. This is soo cool congrats:) i have been getting my fair of rejections from us based magazines and am thinking the same for my next round of submissions. I dont write flash fiction but kudos for finding an awesome editor. I agree with u in the sense that although my writing may just be terrible but maybe its the subject matter that i cover that isnt to the taste of the editors here. In any case congrats to u once again for having found a good home for ur works


  2. Thank you Farrukh. Fictive Dream do take standard submissions (that’s apart from FFF2018) up to 2,500 words, so why not take a look at their guidelines and think about submitting?


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